Reversal of Alzheimer’s Disease


Every 3 seconds, someone in the world develops Alzheimer’s disease. Although deaths from other major diseases have been decreasing, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are a growing epidemic. Anyone who has seen a loved one decline from dementia knows that it’s a heartbreaking illness with devastating effects on families and communities. In addition to the emotional and physical toll of caring for loved ones with dementia, there’s the financial toll. Care for those with dementia often bankrupts families.

Many people don’t pursue medical care when they have early signs of memory loss because they’ve been told that nothing can be done. But newer research shows that dementia can be treated with an individualized, multi-factorial approach and that’s where Functional Medicine comes in.

Functional Medicine is an individualized, systems-based approach to treating complex, chronic illnesses. It recognizes that the expression of health and illness in each individual is unique, and that’s why personalized treatment plans are necessary for improved outcomes.

At Thriving Mind Retreats we base our work on the research of Dr. Dale Bredesen and his ReCODE Protocol™, which leverages the tools of functional medicine to prevent and reverse cognitive decline. The Bredesen Protocol has helped numerous people reverse mild cognitive impairment and offers hope that Alzheimer’s is a preventable and treatable disease.

Our retreat is designed for anyone wanting to invest in their brain health and longevity. It’s especially relevant for those with a family history of dementia, as well as those with early to moderate symptoms.

Our time together is an intensive version and can get you jump-started on reversing cognitive decline. Some people may see modest improvements by the end of the week. The majority of people will see improvements in function in 6-12 months.

For more information, we suggest reading Dr. Bredesen’s book, “The End of Alzheimer’s” or you can review his initial research paper here.  Since it’s initial release, there have been thousands more patients who have had benefits from his work.

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